In this article, we will be dropping the procedures on how to setup Stark VPN reloaded on your mobile smartphones and enjoy the free browsing tweaks which has been ongoing for some time now though it is capped for some networks like MTN and 9mobile whereas Airtel has the unlimited data option.

Stark VPN Reloaded is a free and simple vpn application that is used to shield connection IPs and location and protect online privacy as well. This VPN can as well be used to get free browsing cheats is set up properly. It can also be used to Unblock websites.

Features of Stark VPN Reloaded

1. Easy to use

2. Unlimited data

3. Secured connection

4. Compression support

5. Low battery usage

6. Good RAM management

7. Torrent friendly

Application Details

Name:  Stark VPN Reloaded

Size:.     4.11MB

Version: 4.1

Developer: iStark Dev

Downloads: 1M+


Enough of the App information, let me proceed with the tutorial right away.

How To Setup Stark VPN Reloaded for Free Browsing Cheats.

  1. Download the Stark VPN from the link above.
  2. Head over to your file manager and install the apk downloaded.
  3. Launch the app on your phone.
  4. Tap on the three horizontal lines to bring out the options.
Stark vpn reloaded
4. Click on Update Tweaks
Stark vpn reloaded

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5. Select Your preferred tweak according to your network.

Stark vpn reloaded
6. Finally press the connect button to connect

Stark vpn reloaded

When you are finally connected you can proceed to browse your favourite webpages as well as downloads.
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Before I forget, most importantly you have to connect to an active network to be able to update tweak.

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