How To Update MXQ Pro 4K 5G Firmware in 2022 [Download Latest]


MXQ PRO 4K 5g Firmware Download and Update:

Android is a wonderful piece of software that has millions of users thanks to mobile devices. Android TV has gained a lot of traction among consumers recently.
because it offers a reasonable price and a variety of possibilities. The customer then chose an Android TV box to utilize in conjunction with it in order to stream HD content.
If you’re seeking for the top Android TV streaming media player. The greatest option for watching all HD quality videos is MXQ Pro 4K 5g. Some users, however, are skeptical of the MXQ Pro 4k 5g Update.
Learn how to download and update MXQ Pro 4K to the most recent version here.

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Overview of MXQ PRO 4K 5G

MXQ boxes are becoming increasingly popular these days. Being less expensive and more efficient than traditional approaches. Everyone wants one for their home, to some extent. [In this article, you can download the MXQ PRO 4k Firmware.]

how to download and update MXQ PRO 4k 5g tv box latest firmware
how to download and update MXQ PRO 4k 5g tv box latest firmware

One of these boxes may open the world of watching television like never before, allowing users to stream content online, watch broadcasts live, and listen to podcasts, play games, watch movies, and watch episodes from all over the world with the simple push of a few buttons. This particular gadget is made just to convert our outdated conventional televisions into Smart TVs.

MXQ PRO Box Models

Your Android box will function well and clearly if the firmware is strong. To resolve issues, you might occasionally need to upgrade the preexisting firmware. This will shield your device against viruses and malware.

Currently, depending on the version you use, there are two widely accessible firmwares for MXQ Pro. They are:


It is a cutting-edge media player with 4K video and top-notch graphics capabilities. You can multitask easily using Google services that are already installed. GPU is a Penta Core ARM Mali 450 and the CPU is an AMlogic S905 Quad-core cortex A53 28nm.

OSAndroid 5.1
File Size612MB
PlatformAMLogic S905
how to download and update MXQ PRO 4k 5g tv box latest firmware

Nexbox MXQ PRO TV box

It supports 4K video and graphics and has 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of ROM, allowing you to download everything you want while using just 50% of the internet resources available. GPU is Penta Core Mali 450 and the CPU is Quad Core Cortex A53.

ModelNexbox MXQ PRO TV
OSAndroid 7.1
File Size697MB
PlatformAMlogic S905
how to download and update MXQ PRO 4k 5g tv box latest firmware
how to download and update MXQ PRO 4k 5g tv box latest firmware

How To Update MXQ Pro 4K 5G Firmware

You will require a few items before updating the MXQ Pro 4k 5g. Let’s investigate it.

  • A Windows PC
  • A strong and stable internet connection
  • Dual Port USB cable
  • SD Card
  • USB Burning Tool (Amlogic USB Burning Tool)

Amlogic USB Burning Tool (Download from here). Ensure that you have installed it after downloading.
Download the MXQ PRO 4K Firmware by clicking here. After downloading, take the following actions.

Step 1: Download Latest MXQ PRO 4K 5g firmware.

Simply download the MXQ PRO 4K Firmware from the link above.

Step 2: Connect the MXQ PRO 4K 5g to your computer.
Connect one end of the USB to USB cable to the MXQ PRO and the other end to your windows PC.

Step 3: Push the Reset Button
For around 10 seconds, press and hold the reset button on the MXQ PRO 4K 5g. It will be accessible through the AV slot.

Step 4: Launch the USB Burning Tool.
Open the USB Burning tool after installing it on your PC.

Step 5: Click on Import Image

Select the Import Image option from the File menu at the top of the screen.

Step 6: Look for the.img file.
The.img file will be found in the downloaded firmware folder. Simply choose it.

Step 7: Uncheck the Overwrite Key box.
Overwrite key is located on the right sidebar. Simply untick it.

Step 8: Press the Start button.
On the right sidebar, there is a Start option. To begin the Updated process, click on it.

Step 9: MXQ PRO 4K 5G Update Complete
Wait until the update is finished. You have now successfully completed the MXQ Pro 4k 5g version upgrade using the USB Burning Tool.

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Alternative Ways to Update MXQ pro 4k with PC?

Update MXQ pro 4k 5g using SD Card

Insert your SD Card into your PC and begin downloading the most recent firmware to your SD Card. Then proceed as directed by the press rest button. Apart from the PC, the only change is that you are utilizing an external storage SD Card.

How To update my MXQ pro 4k 5g via USB?

Connect your USB drive to your computer. Now, save the MXQ Pro 4k’s most recent firmware to your USB. While choosing the.img file, just navigate to the image on your USB device. After that, repeat the previous procedures to update MXQ PRO 4K.
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In comparison to other Android TV boxes, updating the firmware on the MXQ PRO 4K 5g is quite straightforward. It barely takes a minute to complete each stage. Following the update, you will enjoy several new features and a speed increase on your smartphone. The device, however, will be reset and will have no data. Want to learn more about Reset MXQ PRO 4K 5g? Look into it. Still having problems upgrading the MXQ.

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