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In this article, we will be discussing what Airtel Double Data is, how to become eligible to this double data Promo Offer and how to subscribe to the double data.

What is Airtel Double Data?

The Airtel Double Data bonus is an Airtel data offer that gives double data when you purchase a data bundle. This means that when you buy a data bundle of N1000 for 1.5GB you will receive additional 1.5GB making it 3GB. This same double data effect applies to all data bundles that you buy. 9GB for N2000, 12GB for N2500, 40GB for N5000, 20GB for N3000 and so on.

The most amazing thing about the Airtel Double Data Bonus Offer is that it is available for both old and new SIMs so we do not have to discard our old SIM or always get a new SIM in order to be eligible for this double data offer.

How To be Eligible for Airtel Double Data

The eligibility of the Airtel Double Data is oftentimes tied to new SIMs. So for new Airtel subscribers, eligibility is not an issue for them as it comes with a new SIM. What I mean is that when you buy a new Airtel SIM, you are already eligible for double data offer so all you have to do is just press the Airtel Double Data Code which I will drop below and enjoy.

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Also New SIMs can just go ahead and buy a Data bundle of their choice and still the double data effect. So new SIMs as a result of this do not have a problem with activating double data as i mentioned earlier.

However for old SIM, it is a bit tricky here.

Sometimes Airtel will just send you the double data offer message just like that. If this is your case, you are lucky, just go ahead and access your offer.

For some others there will be no message so you have to check your offer manually.

Airtel Double Data Code

Now for those that did not receive a double date message from Airtel. You have to check the offer manually by dialing the code below.


This code will prompt a series of accessible offers .

Airtel Double Data Code

Look carefully and observe if the offers are double the regular Data bundle plans. If yes then congrats you are eligible for the Airtel Double Data.

If not then proceed to the next step.

  • Go to messages
  • Create message
  • Text GET to 141

When you send this message, you’ll receive a message from Airtel immediately which says

Dear Customer, your smartphone offer will be activated shortly. You will receive a confirmation SMS when the offer is activated. DO NOT RESEND YOUR REQUEST.”

Wait for a few seconds and you will receive another message which says

Congratulations!, You can now enjoy 100% data bonus anytime everyday bla bla bla…”

Those that gets the congratulations message will from then start enjoying double data bonus offer when he or she subscribes for any data bundle.

Whereas some of my unlucky brothers will receive another kind of message which says,

Dear customer, This offer is not available for you anymore. Dial *141# to buy a data bundle. Thank you.

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If you are one of our unlucky community, do not worry you can still enjoy Airtel Double data bonus with the airtel double data code above.

Just get another Airtel SIM and try again or you keep trying with your existing line..


Airtel is everybody’s favorite data network because of their unending shower of good data bundles and free browsing tweaks which I post from time to time.

If you have any problem during the course of this tutorial, feel free to use the comment section below and reach out to our admins.

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