How To Download and Watch TNT on PS5? [Updated 2022]


TNT on PS5:

Typically, we only play our favorite games on PlayStations. However, you can now stream movies on your PS5. Yes, that’s accurate. You may now use your PlayStation device to watch all of your favorite programs.

In this article we are going to show you how you can get and watch TNT on your PS5 console.

About TNT?

TNT is a cable television network in the United States that is owned by WarnerMedia Studio & Networks. stands for Turner Network Television, and it provides its viewers with a wide range of shows and movies.

TNT allows you to stream online, on-demand content to your device.

You can watch all new movies, series, TV shows, sports, and other content in high definition. It also provides movies from its sister channels, which include Columbia Pictures, Touchstone Pictures, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, and others.

You can also watch sporting events ranging from international to domestic. National Football League, National Hockey League, NASCAR, UEFA, Golf, Major League Baseball, and other sports shows are available.

This TNT has a plethora of entertainment content that provides the best streaming experience and provides you with a good company to hang out with. Then there’s TNT, which is best known for its drama content, and it’s also known as TNT Drama.

TNT’s main focus is on delivering dramatic video content, and it has a lot more new arrivals and classic content on TNT. Make sure to use this TNT channel on PS5 through Hulu for $69.99/month and YouTube TV for $64.99/month.

Shows & Programming on TNT

There are amazing shows and movies that are broadcasted on TNT. Some of the popular programmes are;

  • Agent X
  • All Elite Wrestling: RAM
  • Capital One’s: The Match
  • Dalas
  • I’m the night
  • The Last Ship
  • Inglourious Basterds
  • Source Code
  • The Closer
  • Charmed

Is TNT available on PS5?

Unfortunately, TNT is not available on your PS5. But that doesn’t mean you can’t watch TNT on your PlayStation.

How to watch TNT on PS5

How To Watch TNT on PS5?

You can watch TNT on the PS5 console by using the following methods:

  • Streaming Devices
  • Chromecast
  • PS Remote Play

Get TNT on PS5 via Streaming Devices

You can use the simple guide provided below to stream TNT on your PS5 console using streaming services.

TNT is available on the channel store of YouTube TV and Hulu which we are going to use in this tutorial.

  • Connect your PS5 console to a strong and stable internet connection.
  • Go to the Media Tab.
  • Click on the search bar.
  • Enter YouTube TV or Hulu and search.
How To Watch to TNT on PS5
  • Click on Get to download and install the YouTube TV or Hulu app.
  • Go back to the Media Tab.
  • Launch the YouTube TV app.
  • Sign-in with your login details.
  • Look for TNT in the channel lineup.
  • Select TNT and watch your favorite movies on PS5.

Watch TNT on PS5 using Chromecast

If your preferred content is not available on your device, casting is a great option for streaming it.

You can cast the TNT app from your Android Smartphone, iOS device or PC to your playstation 5 using Chromecast.

  • Connect your Chromecast device to your PS5 using a HDMI cable.
  • Connect the PS5 console to a strong and stable internet connection.
  • Now Download and Install the TNT app on your Android, iOS Devices or PC as the case may be.
  • Next Launch the TNT app.
  • Sign-in with your login details.
  • Select your preferred movie to stream on PS5.
  • Click on the cast icon on either corner of the screen.
  • Select your Chromecast device from the list of devices displayed.
  • Proceed to watch your favourite events on PS5 using Chromecast.

Stream TNT on PS5 via PS Remote Play

You can also watch TNT on PS5 from your Smartphone using PS Remote Play.

  • First Download and Install the PS Remote Play app from your phone App store.
  • Then Download and Install the TNT app on your phone as well.
  • Now Connect your phone and your PS5 console to the same WiFi network.
  • Launch the PS Remote Play app.
  • Sign-in with your PS5 details.
  • Go to your playstation 5 console settings to enable PS Remote Play. (See how here)
  • Last but not the least, pair your PS5 with the PS Remote Play.
  • Now Launch the TNT app on your phone.
  • Select any show to stream on PS5 using PS Remote Play.


Does PlayStation have TNT?

There isn’t a TNT channel-specific PlayStation app at the moment. As a result, you can access TNT’s content on the PS5 device via YouTube TV and Hulu.

Can I Stream TNT on my PlayStation4?

Of course, using a Chromecast device will make it simple for you to view TNT programming on your PlayStation 4. Additionally, you may access TNT on your device using Sling TV, YouTube TV, and other services.

Can you watch TV on PS5?

There is a vast number of applications and streaming services that are available on the PS5 console. So you can watch TV on your PS5 console via TV streaming applications.

How can I watch TNT for free without cable?

You can watch TNT’s contents for free of cost without cable by using a streaming service. Which includes Hulu and YouTube TV has a TNT channel through the PS5 console.


TNT is a streaming service that provides a quick experience. Even if TNT content is not available on your device, you can easily access it on your PS5 by using the guide in this article to watch all of your favorite shows on your PlayStation.

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