How To Watch Netflix on NordicTrack? [Updated 2022]


Netflix on NordicTrack:

Many people enjoy watching streaming television while exercising on their exercise bike or treadmill.

While it is possible to watch Netflix on NordicTrack, there are some limitations to doing so directly through the exercise equipment.

Netflix can be watched on iFit from a mounted television, tablet, or smartphone, but not from the iFit tablet that comes with the system. Netflix does not work on the iFit because the Android operating system is not directly accessible via the user interface.

Even while you can’t watch Netflix directly on the Track bike or treadmill, you can still use your iFit to stream Netflix. To learn more about how to use your iFit system to watch Netflix, keep reading.

How To Watch Netflix on NordicTrack iFit

NordicTrack iFit Tablet Cannot Access Netflix?

You might feel a little let down if you purchased a NordicTrack treadmill or bike with the hope of being able to watch Netflix and other streaming services on it.

Users used to be able to access streaming services by directly accessing the Android operating system without going through the iFit software, however this feature has been phased away in recent iFit versions.

Netflix does not function on the iFit tablet for a variety of reasons, including the following:

  • Running memory: The tablet used to run the iFit system was created especially for it. This implies that even when users could access resource-intensive services like Netflix and Hulu, they frequently froze or had other issues because it doesn’t have much additional operating RAM to operate them.
  • Design limitations: Whether you like it or not, the iFit tablet is custom hardware that is centered around the iFit software, even though it may run on an Android operating system. In order to encourage users to use the system as intended, NordicTrack intentionally makes it more difficult for users to access non-iFit programs.
  • Not official Android hardware: Despite the fact that iFit runs on Android, it does not have access to the Google Play Store like other Android devices. Users can no longer download Netflix or other streaming services onto their NordicTrack systems since Privilege Mode was removed.

Finally, due to software limitations, you will not be able to use Netflix on your NordicTrack tablet. However, this does not preclude you from watching Netflix while using your iFit. There are a few other ways to tune in besides using the NordicTrack monitor.

How To Watch Netflix on NordicTrack

How do I watch Netflix on NordicTrack iFit?

There were previously methods used by users to bypass the iFit programming and download Android-compatible apps such as Netflix to the NordicTrack.

However, with an update, the company has now locked users out of this function. They cited concerns about third-party applications and software being connected to the machine as the reason for this decision.

NordicTrack also lacks motivation to permit consumers to access alternative media services because it pushes its subscription-service iFit programming through the linked monitor on its equipment.

Despite the dissatisfaction of some users with this NordicTrack system update, NordicTrack has responded that attempts to hack the iFit monitor on their equipment may void the warranties on such machines.

Can you put Netflix on NordicTrack?

Although Netflix cannot be installed directly on a NordicTrack, there are two different ways to do so:

  • Attach a secondary tablet or smartphone: This requires a smartphone and tablet, as well as a third-party holder installed on or near your NordicTrack equipment. This, however, allows you to use the iFit program while also watching Netflix.
  • Watch Netflix on a TV monitor mounted on the wall above your NordicTrack bike or treadmill: Another option for watching Netflix while using a track bike or treadmill is to mount a TV on the wall above your machine. You can watch Netflix while using the iFit by connecting the TV to streaming services via software such as Roku or Amazon Fire. Because many people already have a tablet or a TV in their home, watching Netflix on the ifit is as simple as finding the right location for your NordicTrack equipment in the home where you can watch Netflix on an already-placed TV. A tablet/phone holder for your machine is also available.

Should You Use NordicTrack While Watching Netflix on a TV or Tablet?

If you have the option, watching Netflix on a TV monitor will most likely provide the best picture quality. When you connect a tablet or smartphone to your NordicTrack, the vibrations of the machine will be translated to the monitor you’re watching. This may cause motion sickness in some people.

Consider buying a tripod tablet attachment if you don’t want to view your Netflix faves through a haze of vibrations. With the same benefits as watching a mounted television and at a much more affordable price than buying a new TV monitor, this enables you to watch Netflix while exercising.


Can you put Netflix on NordicTrack?

Netflix is not available on the iFit tablet that comes with the NordicTrack system, but it may be seen on a mounted television, tablet, or smartphone using NordicTrack.

Can I watch Netflix on NordicTrack S22i?

There is a workaround to download and watch Netflix and other apps if you gain access to Privileged mode.


In order to watch Netflix on iFit, a second monitor is required.

You should set up a second monitor if you’re determined to watch Netflix while using your NordicTrack equipment. It could be necessary to invest in additional electronics and installations to make this work, but it’s a safer and simpler alternative than attempting to compromise your NordicTrack’s iFit system.

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