A Complete Guide To Convert PDF To Other File Formats and Vice Versa

Availability of online tools have made it more easier to convert PDF to other file formats and complete more task at good pace. There is no need of installation of any software, no requirement of any system properties. As a blogger, freelancer or entrepreneur, you might likely need PDF converter to handle your PDF documents on a daily basis.
Easy PDF is a free online tool that assist you in completing your task faster, reliable and safe way. In addition, You do not require any email registration to use this online tool. The Easy PDF online tool comes with a lot of features such as;


Converting PDF to Word

You can use this tools when you want to convert PDF to document (word) without having to retype from scratch. All you need convert the PDF to word and edit with your Microsoft word. You can also convert PDF to Excel, PDF to powepoint, and images formats such as JPG, PNG and GIF.

Other Benefits of Easy PDF Online Tools

  • Upload files from the local storage or import from Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • Files are auto-deleted from servers after conversion.
  • Easy PDF is multilingual as well, so you can use it in 14 different languages.
  • You can use Easy PDF via any desktop or mobile browser wherever you are.
  • There are no limits on the number of conversions or the file size.

You can also create PDF from other formats;
In addition, Using Easy PDF you can create PDF files from Word, text, JPEG and 100 different file formats. You can choose some of the specific tools like Word to PDF or Word to PDF. But, if you aren’t sure which to use, select create PDF option.
You can also do other activities using the Easy PDF such as;

  • Split, Merge and Compress PDFs

Easy PDF can also make other operations on PDFs, like splitting one PDF into two or more separate files. If you are sending a big file via email, you can first compress it to make it smaller. You can use Merge PDF when you need to make a single document from multiple PDFs.

  • OCR online scanned images

OCR online tool is useful when you have scanned images with text from which you want to extract data. Using this option you can choose between available output formats like Excel, Word or Text. This is useful when you need to extract data from photos.


I think this all i have to say about this Easy PDF, an easy-to-use free online conversion suite. You can use this tools to faster your works such as creating, converting of files and documents without any registration of email address. You can feel free to use this tools – ACCESS EASY PDF ONLINE TOOL.

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