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Both WordPress and blogger hosted blogs can monetize with Intech Ads. 90% Chance of Approval

Intech Ads is an online commercial center for both publishers and advertisers. They offer a means for Nigerians who are struggling with adsense approval to finally find peace.

Intech Ads monetisation is targeted at Nigerians audience so therefore they pay in Naira.

What I find amazing about this ad network is the minimum withdrawal threshold which is a thousand Naira N1000.

Isn’t it amazing indeed?

Intech Ads as I said earlier offers both advertising service as well as monetisation services for bloggers.

In this article I will be focusing on how to monetize your blog with InTech Ads.

Now comes the great question.

Is InTech Ads Legit?

Like I would say now and always, Intech Ads is 100% legit and testimonies of payment has been provided by different publishers accordingly.

For now One can rightfully say that Intech Ads is the best alternative for AdSense for Nigerian publishers.

Requirements to Apply for Intech Ads

All you need to apply and get approved by Intech Ads is valid email address and a functional website or blog. This process usually takes a minute or two. What could be more beautiful? The whole stress of Adsense verification is not applicable.

To apply for Intech monetisation all you need to do is Sign up through the button below.

How To Monetize your Website with InTech Ads as a Publisher

1. Click on the Sign up button above to create your free publisher account.

You receive a verification mail, Check your Spam if you can’t find it in the primary section.

Once you see the verification mail, click in it and verify your account.

In case you see something like “Account inactive” on your dashboard, don’t panic, InTech teams are still reviewing your blog just like Adsense

Keep checking your mail after some minutes or hours, Another Email will be sent to show that your account has been Approved.

Video Tutorial.

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2. How to Insert Intech Adscodes

Once your account successful registered and your website is approved, you can now insert adcodes on your blog to and start earning with your traffic.

If you don’t know how to place or insert IntechAds adscodes on your blog, don’t worry, I am going to break it down below.

First you need to login to your Intech dashboard.

Click on adcodes

Then click on create.

Create your first adcode and copy the code.

For WordPress Sites

How To Place IntechAds On WordPress Website.

If you are using wordpress you can insert / place IntechAds on your website using a popular plugin known as Advanced Ads.

So follow this guide below:

  • Login to your Dashboard
  • Click on Plugins
  • Add New
  • Then Search for Advanced Ads
  • Install Advanced Ads and Activate it.
  • Now Click on Menu
  • Open Advanced Ads
  • Ads
  • Add New
  • Put InTech Ads as Name and paste your adcodes.
  • Publish it.
  • That’s all

To make it display in your post and page,

Click on menu again

>> Advanced Ads

>> Ad Placement

>> Add Placement

Then select where you want ads to display.

That all

How To Place IntechAds On Blogpost Website.

If you are using blogspot, you can insert / place IntechAds Adscodes on your website by editing your theme or in your layout.

Simply Click on theme

>> Edit theme

>> Then paste the adcodes in the body section or any where you want that ads to display.

>> If you are using a theme that have Ads widgets then,

Click on Layout

Open the Ads widget.

Paste your Intech Adscodes.

Save and you are done.

Now that you have been able to monetize your blog with InTech Ads, Help us and share this article to your friends and family.

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If you encounter any difficulty during the course of this tutorial don’t hesitate to let us know by using the comment section below.

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