How To Remove and Unlock Android Pattern Easily | No Reset


How To Remove Android Pattern

It is a common trend to always hard reset our device whenever we tend to forget the device’s pattern or password.

Trust me those days are gone because what I am about to share to you is the easiest steps to remove and android pattern lock without having to reset your phone.

To Proceed with this procedure of removing your android pattern, you will need to get a few thing ready but don’t worry those requirements are not hard to come by





  • A PC or Another Phone
  • An SD Card
  • Aroma File Manager Zip file DOWNLOAD HERE

You must be wondering by now WHAT IS A FILE MANAGER DOING HERE?

Now let me break it down to you.

This file manager is developed by the XDA developers team and it has proven to be an award winning application over the years.

It is not just your regular file manager because in addition to Viewing, Editing and Deleting files, Aroma file manager works in recovery mode.

What this means is that you will be able to use this file manager even in a locked device by booting your android phone to recovery mode.

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Now that brings me to the Steps on how to remove and unlock you pattern without resetting you android device.

How to Remove Android Pattern and Unlock your Smartphone

  • Download Aroma File manager Zip file on your other phone or a computer.
  • Move it to an SD Card (the root folder for easy access)
  • Insert the SD card in the Android your want to remove the pattern
  • Boot the Android to recovery mode (See how here or here)
  • In recovery mode use the volume buttons for navigation and power button to select.
  • Click on Install zip from SD card.
  • Navigate to where you placed the zip file and click on it to install.
  • After installing the File manager will open in recovery mode.
  • From the “Aroma File Manager” navigate to settings and scroll down.

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  • Click on “Automount All Devices On Start” and then exit.
  • Repeat the installing process above to open the file manager again.
  • Navigate to Data Folder>>System Folder.
  • Find ”gesture.key” or “password.key” for pattern lock or password lock respectively.
  • Delete the particular key you want to remove (gesture for pattern and password for password).
  • Exit “Aroma File Manager” and reboot your device.
After rebooting your phone will still be locked but don’t worry because it is just camouflage
Draw any random gesture and behold you have an unlocked phone.
Same applies to password.
If you find this tutorial helpful or there is any doubt let us know by using the comment section below.
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