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It is quite saddening to face the facts that our beloved and new MTN Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat 2022 has stopped working, though some people are still connected, If yours has stopped working, I suggest you should still try it when the server is free, best at night when less people are connected, then maybe it will work for you.


MTN unlimited free Browsing Cheat 2022

Just recently that the MTN Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat 2022 was launched, I hoped that it was going to stay with us for at least some months but lo and behold, Nigerians has a way of ending other people’s goodnews.

I still wonder why anyone would derive joy in reporting free browsing cheats especially those that are 100% unlimited, I don’t understand Nigerians sometimes I mean this is something you even cherish, make use of and difficult to find but I don’t know.

Lots of people have waited for long for it, some even go as far as having to buy data on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, well we are back at it again, sorry about that anyway, but we have something that tends to work perfectly well now, it’s not much but something.

What is MTN 100MB free data?

This cheat is just like every other regular ones that we have been posting on this blog. It offers a free 100MB data for all mtn sims daily. Though It is capped at 100MB but I know a lot of people will still find it useful and worth trying.

I know this is nothing compared to the sweet free browsing cheats we do offer on BravoTechArena but at least, let’s just manage this till we get hold of another superb MTN free browsing cheat, even if it’s capped at something worth it.

We will be discussing how to activate this daily MTN 100MB free data using two popular and simple tunneling free browsing VPNs.

Before we proceed to that, let’s take a look at the requirements and how to activate the MTN 100MB daily cheat.

Requirements for the MTN Daily Free 100MB Cheat.

  1. A 3G or 4G enabled Android Phone.
  2. An active MTN Sim or Sims ( 4G Recommended ).
  3. Tunneling VPNs.. Download Below!
  4. The activation procedures.

Now that all our requirements are ready, it’s time to know how to setup this MTN 100MB free data on your smartphones daily. Without wasting anymore of our time, let’s begin;

How To Activate the MTN Daily Free 100MB Cheat.

Follow this simple setups to activate and begin enjoying MTN free 100mb everyday. But note like we said, there are two ways

Through Stark VPN Reloaded

1. First you need to Download Stark VPN Reloaded App. (Click here to download).

2. Open the Stark VPN App and grant it all access.

3. Then click on menu to update tweaks manually. That’s if it doesn’t appear automatically.

4. On the Stark VPN homepage, leave servers to Auto Servers.

5. Click tweaks just below it and select NG – MTN 100MB Daily.

6. Lastly, Click on the Start button and the VPN will connect on few seconds.

Minmize and enjoy.

Activate MTN 100MB free data Through WT Injector VPN

1. You should first download the WT Injector apk. (Click here to download).

2. Open the WT Injector VPN App, click on the file icon just above and then select to import file.

3. It will redirect you to your phone folder so you can select the Config file and import it.

The Config file automatically comes with the MTN 100MB free data settings. (Download Config File).

4. After importing the file, Press the Start button to connect and in few seconds, the app would connect.

In Conclusion, the above tunneling free browsing VPNs are your best chances to enjoy MTN 100MB free data cheat daily in year 2022.

Kindly use the comment section to reach out to us if you encounter any issues.

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