How To Get and Watch Now TV on Sony Smart TV? [Updated 2022]


Now TV on Sony Smart TV:

We all like to spend our leisure time online for relaxation. Especially for such types of people, we fetch a great application here. So, furtherly read this article thoroughly to get more information about that application. The great application is nonother than that is Now TV. With this Now TV application, you can  Stream a lot of on-demand content as your wish on your Sony Smart TV. The Following portion will clearly explain the topic on Now TV on Sony Smart TV. 

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What is Now TV?

In essence, now is the perfect opportunity to learn more about Now TV on Sony Smart TV. So, you can find out more information about Now TV on Sony Smart TV here. Virtually speaking, one of the best entertainment apps is Now TV. This Now TV app was originally developed in the United Kingdom. This Now TV application was first released in 2012. Thankfully, the Now TV app is accessible everywhere. For instance, this Now TV app is available everywhere in Italy, Ireland, Germany, and Australia.

You may watch your favorite movies, children’s programs, and live events with the aid of this application. Hayu, sports, cinema, and other forms of amusement are all available to members. Thankfully, there are both free and paid subscriptions available with the Now TV app. Fortunately, there are no sign-up costs, but you will need to pay for your chosen pack. Additionally, this Now TV app is compatible with Sony TVs that were released after 2016. How can I install Now TV on my Sony SmartTV? In this essay, let’s have a look at that.

Is Now TV available on Sony Smart TV?

Of course, it is possible to get the Now TV application on your selected Sony TVs. In a Short sentence, the Now TV application is available on Sony SmartTVs, launched in 2016. So, therefore, undoubtedly, you can get and stream your favorite Now TV videos on your Sony TV.

How To Get and Watch NOW TV on Sony Smart TV

How To Get and Watch NOW TV on Sony Smart TV?

You can watch now tv on your Sony TV by using the following methods.

  • Directly install Now TV App from Sony App store
  • Cast Now TV on Sony from Smartphones.

Install Now TV Directly from Sony TV app store

  • Turn on your Sony TV and connect it to the internet before beginning the process.
  • To access the home screen of your Sony TV, hit the Home button on your Sony remote control.
  • From your Sony TV screen’s home screen, go to the search bar.
  • Next, enter “Now TV” into the search field on your Sony TV.
  • To download your application from the appropriate Sony TV Apps store, click the Install icon on your TV.
How To Get and Watch NOW TV on Sony Smart TV
  • Open the Now TV app after installation and finish the sign-up procedure.
  • Next, select your preferred video from the Now TV app and start streaming it to your Sony TV.

Get Now TV on Sony Smart TV by screen mirroring

Additionally, this portion will present the best alternate way to stream the Now TV content on your Sony Smart TV. The best way is Screen Mirroring. Undoubtedly, using the Screen mirroring method, you can get and watch all the Now TV content on your Sony TV without any disturbance. Moreover, the Screen Mirroring method is one of the best and most acceptable methods to stream the Now TV content on Sony TV. Furthermore, the following lines will correctly lead you to complete the action.  

  • Start by turning on your Sony TV and establishing a Wi-Fi connection.
  • After that, take your smartphone and connect it to the same Wi-Fi network as your Sony Smart TV.
  • Next, download and install the Now TV app on your smartphone from the relevant Apps store.
How To Get and Watch NOW TV on Sony Smart TV
  • Complete the login process on your mobile device after installing the Now TV application.
  • At this point, launch the Now TV app, start playing any material, and select “Cast” on your Sony SmartTV.
  • Next, turn on Screen Mirroring on your mobile device and Smart TV.
  • Next, pick your Sony TV from the list of available devices.
  • Next, select Accept on your Sony TV.
  • Eventually, the Smart TV will show programming from Now TV on your mobile device.


By the way, in this portion, we will present our valuable conclusive words for your understanding. So therefore, read this portion carefully. From our point of view, the Now TV  is one of the best and most useful applications to spend your time. Furthermore, Keep yourself entertained by streaming the Now TV application on your sony TV. However, by referring to our article, you can clearly understand the topic of Now TV on Sony SmartTV. At this same time, you can get the alternative way to get the Now TV on your sony SmartTV. Anyway, we hope this complete guide will give you the Satisfy information regarding the Now TV on Sony SmartTV. 

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